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Filing for bankruptcy can be an overwhelming process. That said, you can make it easier for you by hiring a bankruptcy lawyer in MA.

A bankruptcy lawyer in MA is knowledgeable of the ins and outs of the legal system. Whether you are filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy or working on your Chapter 7 case, you can rely on Massachusetts bankruptcy lawyers, such as the ones at Riley & Dever, for professional assistance.


What Is Bankruptcy and Why Should You Contact a Massachusetts Bankruptcy Attorney for Your Bankruptcy Needs in MA and Boston?

Bankruptcy refers to a legal status for which individuals and businesses may both file with assistance from a Massachusetts bankruptcy lawyer. Typically, individual debtors would file for bankruptcy when they have reached a point where they are no longer able to repay their debts.


Common types of bankruptcy for individual debtors include Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which involves a structured repayment program, and Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which requires debtors to liquidate assets to cover their debts. If you do not have experience in navigating these legal intricacies, the best course of action is to hire a qualified bankruptcy lawyer in MA. Learn more about Massachusetts bankruptcy here.


Benefits of Hiring a Lawyer That Specializes in Bankruptcy Law

A bankruptcy lawyer in MA can help alleviate the stress of filing for bankruptcy so that you can focus on the most important matters of your life: family, employment, and work or school. That is just one of the many benefits to enlisting the help of a bankruptcy lawyer in MA. Here are more of the reasons why you should work with a bankruptcy lawyer in MA:


A seasoned bankruptcy lawyer has years of experience under his or her belt.

Working with a bankruptcy lawyer in MA is a smart decision given that bankruptcy law can be complicated. Bankruptcy proceedings often require that you are familiar with both federal and state law. In addition, bankruptcy cases may involve extensive paperwork and a detailed report of your liabilities and assets.


Since a bankruptcy lawyer in MA understands the rules and regulations of bankruptcy paperwork and statutory filing requirements, enlisting his or her service can make your case proceed smoothly and efficiently. This bankruptcy lawyer in MA will also see to it that you complete your paperwork correctly and avoid any mistake that can compromise your rights and interests.


They can offer bankruptcy legal representation service.

When you file for bankruptcy, you’ll have to communicate with creditors, negotiations, and settlements and learn all the specifics of court proceedings. Some filers may feel uncomfortable making these calls and connections, which is where a bankruptcy lawyer in MA can step in and provide aid.


A bankruptcy lawyer in MA can handle these communications on your behalf, knowing the appropriate information to disclose. A bankruptcy lawyer in MA can also represent you in court proceedings and meetings.


Besides, the United States Federal Judiciary may require you to retain a bankruptcy lawyer in MA when filing for bankruptcy. This leaves some people no choice but to work with a bankruptcy lawyer in MA, which is also for their own benefit and safety.


They can help you with insurance

A Massachusetts bankruptcy attorney typically carries malpractice insurance. This means that if a Massachusetts bankruptcy attorney makes a mistake on a bankruptcy case, the filer he or she is representing may be entitled to compensation for his or her losses.


This is not the case for pro se filers or those who file for bankruptcy without help from a bankruptcy lawyer in MA. In other words, working with a Massachusetts bankruptcy attorney can provide you with an added level of security.


They offer professional courtesy

Unlike some pro se filers, a Massachusetts bankruptcy attorney has connections with clerks, judges, fellow Massachusetts bankruptcy lawyers, and other parties in their clients’ case. Additionally, they have extensive knowledge of the workings of the court.


The connections of a bankruptcy lawyer in MA do not automatically give him or her any legal advantage over a pro se filer. However, these connections of Massachusetts bankruptcy lawyers can help keep clients’ cases moving through the system.


They can help keep you from making costly mistakes.

Failing to file for bankruptcy correctly can lead to the trustee throwing you out your case. If this happens, you may not be able to file for any type of bankruptcy in the near future because it is simply not worth the risk. Enlisting the help of a bankruptcy lawyer in MA will help you avoid any potential damage to your bankruptcy case and finances.


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